Ron Ridley

Watercolor  Koi  Workshop

I gave them all the supplies they needs at no extra cost.  They all did great.  Here are some of the photos of the people and their paintings.  I am proud of all the students.  They did great.  At the end of the painting session, we took pictures of their paintings and them holding their paintings in a white mat.  I am always surprised and happy to see all the different paintings.  I like the way everyone expresses themselves differently in their paintings.  Some had dark blue backgrounds and some had light backgrounds.  All their Koi fish were colorful with lots of life and movement.  I explained different methods of drawing Koi fish, but gave them a sketch that I developed from observing a photo of a Koi fish swimming around a lily pad and flower.  I explained how I used a grid pattern and sized it to the painting from a four inch by six inch gloss reference photo.  I gave each of them a choice of one small and one large photo of different Koi fish that I had.  They could use this in the painting that they were doing or on another paintings after the workshop, since I had given them the information on how to transfer the image on to a larger piece of watercolor paper.  I also let them keep the palettes with the paint so that they could make other paintings.

I gave each one a straw and eye dropper to drop some of the paint on the paper and then blow it out causing a pattern and mixing with other colors.  This gave a weed and grass effect in the water behind the fish.  They all enjoyed the process and came out with wonderful colorful paintings.

Sincerely, Ron Ridley