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R Eric Baker                         pyrography,carving,mixed media,                                    

Pyrography artist and craftsman on gourds, paper and wood.  Fine art on gourds, using various techniques and mediums, carving, fret work, ink dyes, watercolor, acrylics, lamp crafting and Pyrography.  Pyrography on paper mostly of wildlife, nature, landscapes, and buildings.

Elsa J. Bates                                            Watercolor                                                                  209-339-8331    

Painting with watercolor for the last 9 years, but always interested in wood work, acrylic decorative painting, and needlefelting.

Jane Burns                                             Independent ceramics artist

Nora Lee Dale                                       oils, acrylics, watercolor                

Enjoy working with oils doing seascapes,landscapes and still life. I enjoy the intense color and definition of acrylics enjoy especially using acrylics for abstracts, landscapes and large flowers on canvas.

Melanie Dane           Gizmos/Gadgets/Legos/Spray Paint/Found Objects/LEDs/STEAM/MakerEd/        209-601-9547   

Enrichment Education

I love to work with things that light up, move, make noise, combine art and science. New to the Lodi Art center I look forward to introducing people to the Maker Movement of creative project based learning.


George Dillon                                        oils, acrylic, mixed media                                           209-772-2892

An aclectic approach to colorful, contemporary painting.   I am currently working on a new series of people using unique color patterns.


Donald Figari                      Photography/Writing                                  510-692-5195                                   

I have just recently been exploring my own style and approach to art. I find unparalleled beauty in patterns, shapes and colors that nature provides. I`m also drawn to the abandoned, the old and forgotten, the mundane... and the challenge of bringing such to life.

Janene Ford                                        Mixed Media                                                                                             

Art out of the ordinary.

Janice Freischlag                Acrylic/Gouache/Watercolor/Oil/Multimedia/Mixed Media            209-763-2753                   

I began my fascination with art in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1989, where I learned a type of German folk art painting called Bauernmalerei. After five years in Germany, I returned to the U.S. with my husband and began to broaden my painting skills.

We moved to ake Tahoe, CA, where I was fortunate enough to befriend Lola Owen, my mentor and owner of Lakeside Gallery. While working with Lola Owen, I became more accomplished, and began painting in oils as well as most painting mediums such as water color, acrylic, and gouache. I began to get commissions for pet portraits and various other subjects which are wide in range.


Glenda                                               A variety of sorts                                                                                         

Caroline Henry                       painting and drawing media: watercolor,ink,acrylics,oils,pencil,pastels,mixed media      209-931-0682

I Love to explore but certain themes do reappear in my art: gardens, coffee houses, city streets, trees and forest, animals, people doing ordinary things, pears.   I`m very open to doing commissioned work.

Gail Hoffman                                     Watercolor                                           916-267-5498                          

Style:  Some realistic, abstract and non-objective

Patti Kennedy               Painting/Printmaking/ Photography/What ever is at hand                209-482-7610       

Before taking a hiatus to raise my children I worked as a production artist on projects from machine parts to museum exhibits.

Now I share the satisfaction of creativity as an Artist in Schools with SJCOE, bringing art lessons into the classroom and working with For The Sake of Art, a program of free art classes in Stockton.

Ila Lewis                         Jewelry, paper, greeting cards, textile                                            916-835-8366                


Jacie Rivas                           Photography/Poetry/Digital art/Greeting cards and Paper craft        650-823-8587

You can usually find me and my fiance, Dan Figari, traipsing around vineyards, hiking up mountains, rock scrambling in rivers and sipping wine downtown...and taking pictures all the time in an attempt to capture and share the beauty we witness everywhere we go.


Darrell O`Sullivan                                 Photography                                                                209-745-4268


Mary O`Sullivan                                greeting cards, mixed media                                        

One of a kind Greeting Cards and mixed media.

Kay Kirk Owen                             watercolor, acrylic, collage, scratchboard, mixed media        209-478-3149

Elizabeth J. Parrish                  Digitally Enhanced Photographer                                               209-465-3050            

My Digitally Enhanced Photography renders automotive, architectural and landscape themes in colorful interpretations through digital manipulation.   These stylized images re-position the boundaries of photography and illustration, design and painting.

Linda Poteet                                   Photography/Drawing/Mixed Media/ Acrylics/Watercolor             209-663-9674

I have been interested in photography ever since I got my hands on my mom's 1970s 110 Kodak camera.

At Lodi high I enjoyed taking photos and developing film for the school newspaper. Later I got into video taping weddings and worked as a camera operator for live TV.

Since becoming a mom 15 years ago, my favorite photography subjects have been my 5


J C Strote                                     Fused Glass Artist                                                                                                        


Susan A. Winton                              Fused and Torch-Worked Glass                                               msg 209-462-3165

Fused and Dichroic Glass jewelry designer and lamp-work bead creations. Custom order jewelry, small tiles, kitchen and office items featuring handmade glass cabochons and beads. Fusing workshops for Youth/Adults

Theresa Zazzarino                Oil/Old Master Style                                                                     209-329-1815