Lodi Community Art Center
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                                                          ANNUAL SMALL WORKS SHOW
                                                          November 2 to December 23, 2011
                                   2012 Small Works Show Winners
Best of Show – Wall Art: Janet Hayden
Best of Show – 3D: Cathi Newlin


1st Place                              Katie Fleming                       Brooklyn Night Market
2nd Place                            Yvonne Bonacci                    She’s Comin’ Round the Mountain
3rd Place                             Leland Choy                          My Car Wouldn’t Start
HM                                        Richard Bepristis                 Changing Colors
HM                                       Suzanne Painter                   Joplin 2011
HM                                       Helen Pauwels                      Autumn Stream
HM                                       Sherri Sanguinetti                 A Forest Landing


1st Place                            Justin Blizzard                      Old Homeless Man
2nd Place                          Janet Hayden                       Desert Flower
3rd Place                           Beverly Kay                          From Monet’s Garden
HM                                      Dorcys Burchell                   Cottage Garden
HM                                     Caroline Henry                     The Watchful Goat
HM                                     Janet Hayden                       Grevy’s Gather


1st Place                           Janene Ford                         Take me Home
2nd Place                         Debbie Bentley                      Bound
3rd Place                         Janene Ford                           That Face
HM                                    Debbie Bentley                       Beloved
HM                                    Patti Wallace                          Madonna and Child

MIXED MEDIA – 3 Dimensional

1st Place                          Janene Ford                         Wisdom
2nd Place                        Patti Wallace                         Black and White Blockheads
3rd Place                         Frances Scott                       Boot
HM                                    GayLynn Sanders                 Exotic Bloom
HM                                    Tim Boston                            Adrift

3 Dimensional

1st Place                          Cathi Newlin                         Pangolin
2nd Place                        Cathi Newlin                          Rat
3rd Place                         Patti Wallace                        Turquoise Glass
HM                                    Patti Wallace                        Rusty “Art”
HM                                    JC Strote                              Fritage Gone Green

1st Place                           Leland Choy                         Portrait of a Young Man
2nd Place                         Teresa Steinbach-Garcia    Hop Barns – Slough House
3rd                                      Place Patti Wallace             Peanutiest
HM                                     Teresa Steinbach-Garcia    Meow
HM                                     Caroline Henry                      Chicken Scratch
HM                                     Suzanne Painter                   Baby Cheetah


1st Place                           Jeremy Bentley                    Staircase at Fort Point 
2nd Place                         James Myers                        Thriving in the Current
3rd Place                          Charlene Martin                    Home Sweet Home
HM                                     James Myers                        Different Among Many
HM                                     James Myers                        Water Logged
HM                                     Mike Bentley                         Hope


1st Place                          Anna Barber Autumn           Horse II
2ndPlace                          Patti Wallace                       Complimentary Colors
3rd Place                         Anna Barber                         Wildflower Farms
HM                                    Anna Barber                         Multipli Cat ion

Annual  Small  Works  2012

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