Lodi Community Art Center
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          During the 1930's a group of artisans gathered to share their interests in the arts, and Mrs. H.J. (Ethyl) Bolinger, artist  and benefactor perceived a need for a gallery and dedicated gallery space on Pine Street to the "Lodi Art Club."
 Mr. and Mrs. Alby Lind, owners of the building, donated the rent.

During  the 1940's  the  "Lodi  Art  Club"  became  the "The Lodi Community Art  Center,"  often  shortened to Lodi  Art  Center.  In  August, 1960  the organization was incorporated (501c) as "The Lodi Community Art Center,"  a  non  profit educational  organization  "to encourage an interest in, and study of, the arts."  When  the  property  was  sold in 1962, meetings  were  held  at a  house at 107 W. Lockeford Street. The organization then moved to the renovated  Old Lodi
 Union High School at Hutchins Street Square in 1982, first  to  the locker room and then to the  old music room. In 1996
 the  organization  left  Hutchins  Street  Square to make way for additional  reconstruction  to  the  theater and fine arts
 building.The  center  was  offered  space on  Ham Lane in the  Lakewood  Mall and  stayed  there  until it  had to move 
once again .A nice home at Vino Piazza in Lockeford was short-term due to zoning laws. After several years on Church Street in Downtown Lodi the center has returned to Lakewood Mall, where it has a studio and  attractive  gallery. Prior 
 to World War II, the Lodi Art Center's first Art Annual show was held at the Lodi Grape Festival Grounds.

The  second Art Annual show was in the foyer of the Lodi Women's Club. By 1965 the  Art Annual  was held at Barengo Winery and displayed the paintings on the old wine barrels.  During its Hutchins Street Square years,  the  Art  Annuals
 were held there. Beginning  with  the  38th Art Annual in 1997, the show has been held at the Woodbridge by Mondavi Winery in Woodbridge and has become a major cultural event for the area.
The  Lodi  Community  Art  Center has  gained  Statewide and National recognition for our members achievements and contributions  to  the  community.  Many blue  ribbons have  been brought to Lodi by the members and the organization continues to reach out to the community with shows, demonstrations, and speakers.

A February 1958 photograph of the newly organized Lodi Community Art Center. The sketch class is meeting at 14 1/2 W. Pine Street, upstairs in old downtown, where the group had a meeting place and gallery during its early years. Ethel Bolinger, Maryly Wallof, Leslie Wiederrich, Julie Nordquist, Carl Klafke, and Richard  Hieb  are picture  according  to the Lodi News Sentinel.

1979 art show among the barrels at Barengo Winery in Acampo, where the Lodi Spring Art Annual was held for many years. 

The  Brush-Off  competition  from 1984, when  Lodi  Community  Art  Center artists  competed  against  Stockton  Art League  painters  doing a quick  work  of art in tempera  paint. The topic was always drawn from a list of  suggestions,  and  the three artist who  painted for each team were  given  only a couple of  minutes to plan, then they  each had a turn at the painting, relay style, with a timer running. I would guess the topic for this set of paintings was the Clements Stampede rodeo, with the horse and rider by LCAC and a rodeo clown by SAL

Adapted from "The Lodi community Art Center, Past and Present" by Virginia Rippey,

* As an addendum to this history we might  add that in the days prior to the Lodi Arts Commission and  the  Lodi Arts Fund, it was the Lodi Department of Parks and Recreation which often provided cooperation and support to projects of the  Lodi Community Art Center, an independent  non  profit  502(c) (3) corporation made up of  artists and art supporters.

Past Presidents of the Lodi Community Art Center

1955-58  Unknown
1958-59  Richard Hieb
1959-60  Julia Nordquist /Incorporated 8/23/60
1960-61  Marion Adams/Ist Annual Art Show
1961-62  Edgar Richards
1962-63  Melva Zweigle
1963-54  Bob Johnston
1964-65  Marily Wallof
1965-66  Ruth Surdez
1966-67  Marguerite Allot
1967-68  Zelma Meek
1968-69  Floyd Nordwick
1969-70  Jo Schleicher
1970-71  Bill Chapman
1971-72  Marily Wallof/2nd term
1972-73  Victor Gillet
1973-74  Alva Fransen
1974-75  Delores Levy
1975-76  Kathleen Terra/Non-profit Status 3/1876
1976-77   Bill Chapman/2nd term
1977-78  Sharan McLaughlin
1978-80  Dolly Sellars/two terms
1980-82  Donna Korphage/two terms
1982-83  Edith Purvis
1983-84  Donna Korphage/3rd term-86 Pearl Sanguinetti
1984-85  Ed Hensley
1985-86  Pearl Sanguinetti
1986-87  Bob Klein
1987-88  Dolly Sellars/3rd term/Moved Hutchins St Square
1988-89  Delores Levy/2nd term
1989-90  Victor Gillet/2nd term
1990-91  Leslie Christianer
1991-92  Jon Withers
1992-93  Leland Choy
1993-94  Joan Lehman
1994-95  Delores Levy/3rd term
1995-96  Vice President Lydia Peters
1996-97  Cynthia Irwin/Moved to Lakewood Mall
1997-99  Eunice Jewart/two terms
1999-00  Phyllis Marts
2000-01  Caroline Henry
2001-02  Gladys O’Keefe
2002-05  Patti Wallace/3 terms/moved to Lockeford & to Church St
2005-07  Lisa Goldman 
2007-08  Chris Kralj/moved to Lakewood Mall
2008-10  Caroline Henry/2nd & 3rd terms
2010-10  Deborah Morgan
2010-11  Suzie Wilbourne
2011-12  Richard Allen /  2nd term
​2012-13 Richard Allen / 3rd term.